Food group detection

“Food group detection” is a LogMeal API feature that detects the predominant food groups of your reported dishes.

LogMeal uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision and Deep Learning for performing food detection, recognition and tracking. By simply taking a picture, you can have plenty of information about your food intake. For example, the food groups present in them. 

Currently, there are more than 1300 available dishes for recognition. Each dish has a list of food groups according to its composition

For example: a sushi dish has ‘fish’ and ‘rice’ as food groups.

List of available food groups

The complete list of food groups currently available are:

  • ‘meat’: any kind of white or red meat.
  • ‘dessert’: dishes usually eaten as dessert.
  • ‘dairy products’: products derived from dairy, like milk or yogurt.
  • ‘seafood’: products derived from animals with shells like clams or prawns.
  • ‘rice’: rice or products that can contain rice.
  • ‘fruit’: any kind of cooked or fresh fruit.
  • ‘noodles/pasta’: all types of italian pasta or asian noodles.
  • ‘vegetables’: either cooked or raw vegetable products.
  • ‘fish’: fish and fish-derived products.
  • ‘bread’: all kinds of bread and grain-like products.
  • ‘fried food’: any food that was fried during its cooking procedure.
  • ‘egg’: any dish that contains a relevant amount of egg.
  • ‘soup’: dish in the form of soup, which has a large portion of water.
  • ‘cereal/grain’: dishes containing cereals or similar components.
  • ‘nuts’: any type of nut or seed.
  • ‘alcohol’: beverages containing alcohol.
  • ‘beverage’: any type of beverage.
  • ‘soda’: sugared beverages.
  • ‘tubers and derivatives’: any food belonging to the tuber family or derivatives.
  • ‘sauces and dressings’: sauces and other dressings for salads.
  • ‘legumes’: either cooked or raw legume products.


This functionality is available in all LogMeal Plans: Recognise, Analyse, Monitor, Recommend and Custom Plans.

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