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How to stay motivated and reach your diet goals

Tips for staying motivated and reaching your dietary goals


  1. Determine what your goals are and why.

    Don’t forget to be realistic, otherwise, you may feel frustrated. Think about why you want to achieve that goal. Once you have found your specific reasons, it will be easier to follow your dietary pattern. 

  2. Plan what you are going to eat in advance.

    This will help you to shop wiser, reduce food waste and commit to what you had planned. Also, this gives less room for improvisation and, therefore, for error.

  3. Logging your meals can help you achieve dietary adherence.

    What is this? Is the ability of an individual to stick to a specific diet or meal plan. LogMeal APP allows you to easily track what you eat throughout the day. 

  4. Ask for support.

    Friends and family who know and understand your goals can encourage you to stay on track.  Also, if you need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact a registered dietitian for guidance.

  5. Track your progress.

    This will give you the big picture of what you have already achieved and how far you are from your ultimate goal. Track whatever you consider necessary according to your goals. Even if it’s total weight, body measurements, quality of sleep, level of energy, gastrointestinal symptoms, sports performance, etc.

  6. Accept relapse.

    When we try to acquire a new habit we go through different phases and motivation fluctuates. Relapse is a natural part of the process, we should not experience it as a failure. Instead, it is a process of learning coping tools and strategies.

Finally, just a reminder that changing the way you eat or following a nutritional plan is not easy. It isn’t something you change overnight, so it usually takes time. Allow yourself to adapt to the new dietary pattern with progressive changes. 

As we have seen, LogMeal APP can be a tool for staying motivated that will help you to reach your diet goals. 

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